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Immersive Educational Experiences - a Stamford College Case Study

Helping learners and parents alike understand how the college’s facilities have the potential to mould their future.

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No One Can Tour The Facilities

Due to restrictions, a lot of learners may feel like their future is on hold, they still need to make life-changing decisions, but they don’t have the option of visiting the physical Stamford college campus. 

“A physical walkaround just isn’t possible”

And so a lot of people would think that means that learners have to make a leap without looking, massive changes with little support, reason or direction, but with Scape 360’s solution, things don’t have to be that way for prospective Stamford College learners.

Hair and Beauty Tour
Immersive learning in education by interactive 3D Technology

Helping Learners Decide Their Future

We worked with Stamford college to deliver a multi-faceted immersive experience which allows the users to have a 3D virtual walkthrough of the facilities using a home PC, smartphone or tablet.

And by using this tech, the college saw recruitment skyrocket and the numbers showed it was higher than ever.

Scape 360’s ‘show don’t tell approach’ meant that prospective learners were able to get a clear overview of the facilities that the college had on offer. 

This was key for providing reassurance to learners with learning disabilities, so prospective learners could have a stress-free tour of the surroundings. 

What the current majority of educational facilities don’t understand is that the use of 3D technology is growing, in other words, it will soon be an expectation of learners to be able to have a virtual walkaround of your facilities.

To reach a wider pool of learners it is key to showcase the possibilities available with your facilities, and recognising that a virtual tour is the new way to do that can have great benefits for your facilities’ future. 









The Capture Process:

Here’s how we turn our ‘show don’t tell’ approach into a reality, with key steps developed to provide clients like Stamford College with the best virtual end-result as possible to connect with learners and parents alike.


After initial interest in using scape technology is shown, we’ll set up a consultation with you to get an idea of the scope of your project.


We visit your location on-site to go through the process of capturing the visuals needed to create the virtual experience.


Here we go through the process of developing your scape to the best quality possible and prep it for usage.

Quality Assurance

In the event that you have any revisions you’d like to make to the visuals captured and the way it’s been presented, now’s the time to do it!


The finished product! Now all the hard work is done, you’ve got an immersive and interactive visual tour which allows learners to experience your facilities in a whole new way.

Customer Success Stories

We’ve worked with a variety of educational facilities to implement this immersive 3D technology to help a whole new generation of learners - here’s what they thought of their experience working with Scape 360

Minimise Learners Stress Levels Before A New Year Of Learning Begins

By using the latest in immersive technology, Stamford College was able to take away some of the worry and stress learners had about their future due to restrictions which stopped them from being able to get comfortable in new environments ahead of signing up.

By you doing the same, your learners will become well acquainted with your educational facilities, without ever having physically been there and it’ll all be down to your decision to take that next step and implementing this new age of technology that is quickly becoming mainstream. 

You can be responsible for giving them peace of mind about these new beginnings, and their first impressions of your facility won’t involve PPE and sanitiser, rather a comfortable walkaround experience they can have in their own home.

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Have you heard all the ways you can use our immersive 3D tech?

Interactive 3D technology can help to simplify your processes, ideal for facilities management or virtual health and safety, and streamlining your facilities procedures.

You can also better cater to the needs of new learners using the data gathered through the use of the innovative tech, ideal for helping you advance your facilities’ online marketing, metrics and analytics. 

Scape 360’s solution can help you to reassure prospective learners embarking on their journey through virtual open days, social sharing and online learning.

Whether it’s creating virtual open days for new learners or using the 3D twins created for collaborative planning and risk mitigation, we can help with all that and much, much more on a Reality Capture Session.