2020 – The Year 3D Virtual Tours Became Mainstream Tech

Despite a rollercoaster year, we ended positively


It seems strange to be saying this – but grim as it was – 2020 bestowed some surprisingly positive moments for Scape 360 and the entire 3D virtual tour industry.

2020 was the year the world went into deep hibernation – making everyday life an impossible feat! However, it was also the year that 3D virtual tours leapt to the rescue. For businesses who relied on physical tours; our technology meant that viewings could continue, but in a radical new style!



Lincoln UTC

Working closely with Lincoln UTC – this fabulous showcase includes epic drone shots from our in-house approved pilots, and 4K 3D content captured and curated by our 3D expert, Gina. Amazingly, considering the mind-boggling intricacy of the tour – the turnaround from conception to completion was JUST 5 WHOLE DAYS! We even captured outside hours to ensure we presented the building in all its glory.

Body Lipo Lincoln

Having undergone some tremendous changes during lockdown #1; the team were keen to showcase their fantastic venue and services. Thinking ahead at adapting to the current uncertainties, they decided to invest in some 3D technology with us at Scape 360.

This 3D tour futureproofs them for whatever pandemic may come! The tour enables prospective clients to see the treatment rooms, equipment and general layout without leaving their homes – opening up more business avenues by making a clinic visit available to a potentially self-isolating audience.

Stamford College

At Scape 360, we’re thrilled to have worked with this college to create a virtual tour that will defy lockdown restrictions and allow future parents and students to explore the facilities. Working during the lockdown, our team captured every nook and cranny to create a masterpiece tour—an epic undertaking, but one so worth the time and effort.

Peterborough College

With an immense range of in-house courses, this FANTASTIC college also works with hundreds of employers across the region, to connect students with life-changing apprenticeships. The facilities here are awe-inspiring – take the tour and see for yourself!!

Working closely with such a positive, inspiring, and committed education provider was a dream for us at Scape 360 – and to provide 3D technology solutions for such a worthy cause makes us very proud indeed.

Saint Lawrence C. E. Primary School

We’re super excite to have worked to support this fantastic little school! Built for “the education of the children of the labouring, manufacturing and other poorer classes in the Parish of Skellingthorpe.” this school is a slice of Lincolnshire history – and one we’re proud to have assisted.

Established in 1855, Saint Lawrence C. E. School has stood the test of time. And after all those years and historical events – they’re CERTAINLY not going to let COVID 19 stand in their way!

Louth Museum

We worked with the Louth Museum to create an educational tour. Virtual tours mean businesses like Louth Museum can continue to operate – despite the grim reality of the COVID pandemic. By creating a virtual twin – visitors can be fully immersed in the museum, from the comfort and safety of their own homes. This particular example allows visitors to learn all about the museum’s rich history.

The Time is Now

Catapulted into the marketing stratosphere by a global pandemic – 3D virtual tours are the ULTIMATE solution. Providing a fully immersive virtual twin, prospective customers can tour a venue, property or facility in high definition and jaw-dropping detail.

Embracing the potential that 3D technology can bring, your finished product is WAY more than just a virtual tour; it’s the gateway to the latest digital revolution! Myriad marketing possibilities in one simple turn-key solution. Whether you’re a school, salon, college or luxury hotel – Scape360 think outside the box to deliver solutions that’ll defy a pandemic.

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