How 3D Technology Is Helping Schools To Defy A Pandemic

It’s been a tough year

For business, mental health, relationships and the education of our children – It’s been a tough year. COVID has forced everyone to adapt in ways they never dreamt.

For schools around the world, there was no option but to adjust, and quickly! Suddenly, lessons were taken in online classrooms and homeschooling the norm. Stunned parents and confused children required support, and teachers felt a new weight of responsibility like never before.

These unprecedented times forced our educators to become super tech-savvy in a very short space of time and modify all aspects of the education business to fit the circumstances – and wow! What a job they did! We wholeheartedly salute them!

And this is where we come in

Understanding the pressures felt by the education sector, and the sheer magnitude of the situation made it all the more essential for us to contribute our expertise. We’ve felt very fortunate and proud to be able to offer our support and services.

By utilising cutting edge 3D technology, the virtual tours industry has allowed schools, colleges and universities to open their doors – virtually – to a world in lockdown.

These fully immersive 3D tours, as a marketing tool, meaning that no matter what is going on, pandemic wise, parents and children can now view prospective schools and make informed decisions regarding where to send their children for education and much much more!

Here are a few benefits a 3D tour can bring to the education sector ~

Virtual Open Evenings as a truly immersive experience in just one click – parents and children can ‘walk’ around the entire building, experiencing the school in astounding detail.

A Realtime view of your child’s learning environment – giving parents the most up to date view of the facilities.

Calming insights for nervous children – the ability to get to know the school through unlimited tour access may take away just some of those first-day jitters.

Familiarisation of the surroundings to enable independence when entering the school gates.

Assurance for parents needing to know that their precious cargo is in great hands, in a great learning environment with caring and dedicated support.


3D technology – how it works

Visiting the venues – we take our Matterport 3D infrared scanner & camera and capture the entire school. From the playground to science labs, and from gym spaces to the library – we capture every single feature in high definition.

Our camera fires out infrared signals that bounce off every object they hit, and back to the camera. This information then feeds into our iPad via a dedicated wifi signal to bind all the 3d data together into a digital visual mesh in realtime.

Taking the time to capture the details that make each school special offers prospective parents and children the chance to select the school that fits their needs, entirely.

We process the imagery and combine the 3d data and can have a showcase model ready in as little as 48hrs. We then refine based on our client’s requirements, mix in a little creative flair, a drone shot of the school here and there and finally present a stunning visual showcase ready to dazzle the likes of ~

  • Parents
  • Pupils
  • Friends
  • Families
  • Ofsted
  • Governors
  • Facilities Management
  • Local Authorities
  • Insurers
  • Health & Safety Officers
  • Fire Officers

Scape 360 for your business

Whether you’re a school, university, college or academy – Scape360 think outside the box to deliver solutions that’ll defy a pandemic. Embracing the potential that 3D technology can bring, your finished product is WAY more than just a virtual tour; it’s the gateway to the latest digital revolution! One model, 100’s of use cases in one simple turn-key solution.

For more information, call us on +44 7771 694103 – or head to our Get In touch button.

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