Active Nation, Virtual Tour Showcase

The Brief

Active Nation approached Scape360 to provide an immersive showcase of their latest gym re-development project on what was formally Birchwood Leisure Centre.

Our objectives were to 3D laser scan the facility and provide a 3D virtual tour to, allow anyone to view the venue on any device, enable full interaction, and raise exposure, with an aim to increase supporters (members) ready for the venue opening to the public.

In order not to disrupt business, we worked through the night at the venue to ensure the best possible data was captured.


Showcase Category:

Health & Fitness

Supplied Services

Immersive 3D Tour

A High Definition immersive 3D tour that allows any prospective audience form any location to view, engage and interact with the physical space on any smart device or computer system, directly over a live link that requires no software.

Virtual Reality Capability

Don a set of VR goggles and become immersed right from the comfort of your home. A new exciting way to interact in full scale HD with no restrictions.

Embedded Media Information

Create interactive experiences within your 3D tour. At Scape360 we can insert media into the tour such as Videos, Images and documents. This creates a highly innovative and intuitive virtual documentation experience that will maximise customer engagements.

Google Assisted Voiceover Tour

Take your tour to an extra level with a Google Assisted Voice over tour to guide your audiences through your highly accurate real time 3D showcase highlighting all the features and benefits your space contains.

Social Media Video

A bespoke video tailored for social media to drive customer engagement on your social media posts & promotions.

Website Integration

We can help include your tour directly on your website in just a few clicks. We provide all the coding and support required to upload in a few easy steps. There is no requirement for software as all our tours are hosted on an independent server that won’t slow your site down.

Google Business View

Meet Scape360,  Google Trusted Street View photographers, we capture all the imagery required to ensure we can upload your tour to Google Business View. Allowing you to maximise exposure from you newly curated 3D experience.

Promotional Photography

During the 3D scanning, we are also able to capture High Definition 48MP images from any angle and location, creating a truly all in one turn key solution and one stop marketing package for your physical space.

Press Release

Our models are hosted online and are can easily be embedded with online blogs or news articles to really allow the reader to become immersed in the story you are publicising.


Scape360 scanned through the night to produce a 3D virtual tour to allow future members to walk around the newly developed leisure facility direct from their smartphones.

Since launch, the tour has had over 39,000 views an average of 1250 views monthly. 1077 new members have joined since the tour was produced.

In comparison, if a Facebook campaign with paid sponsorship at £100 a day was commissioned, in just 14 days the expense far out ways the cost of a tour. The Facebook advert would just disappear. Our digital representation is for the life of the venue, available online in just one click!

“The ability to immerse yourself in the environment before purchasing a membership online gives the consumer much more confidence. This gives Active Nation a considerable competitive edge.”