Stamford College Immersive Educational Virtual Tour

The Brief

Stamford College approached Scape360 to conduct a COVID compliant virtual tour.

The innovative approach that Scape360 presented Stamford college allowed them to meet so many objectives in a simplistic solution that has real use cases and measurable benefits in a very simple user-friendly experience. We believe this is one of the first use cases of this product and immersive experiences for education in Lincolnshire.

The product delivered is an online multi-faceted engaging experience which transports the user around the whole of Stamford college in 3D direct from their smartphone, tablet or home PC without the need for additional software.

This enabled Scape360 to excel expectations and deliver all these benefits within 1 solution:

  • Provided an accurate map and model of the facility to plan for and mitigate against hazards associated with COVID 19 and welcoming students back for the new term.

  • Deliver an engaging experience and site map for current and prospective students to utilise during their studies or whilst searching for the next opportunity. Accessible form their smart phones or home computers.

  • Promote the college online to a diverse range of audiences, increase exposure with the aim of enrolling more students in further education.

  • Provide a ‘virtual’ open day experience for parents and students.

  • Provide a reassuring insight into the college for students with learning disabilities, or purely to have a stress-free experience for students to gain an understanding of their physical surrounds during their studies before even setting foot in the building.

  • Provide an overarching, Health, Safety and Fire Evacuation training aid and visualization tool which has multiple use cases.

  • Allow for measuring of physical spaces within the 3D tour to plan for and mitigate against issues faced when planning for new events or refurbishments.

Showcase Category:

Training & Education

Supplied Services

Immersive 3D Tour

A High Definition immersive 3D tour that allows any prospective audience form any location to view, engage and interact with the physical space on any smart device or computer system, directly over a live link that requires no software.

Virtual Reality Capability

Don a set of VR goggles and become immersed right from the comfort of your home. A new exciting way to interact in full-scale HD with no restrictions.

Embedded Media Information

Create interactive experiences within your 3D tour. At Scape360 we can insert media into the tour such as Videos, Images and documents. This creates a highly innovative and intuitive virtual documentation experience that will maximise customer engagements.

Social Media Video

A bespoke video tailored for social media to drive customer engagement on your social media posts & promotions.

Website Integration

We can help include your tour directly on your website in just a few clicks. We provide all the coding and support required to upload in a few easy steps. There is no requirement for software as all our tours are hosted on an independent server that won’t slow your site down.

Google Business View

Scape 360 are Google Trusted Street View photographers, we capture all the imagery required to ensure we can upload your tour to Google Business View. Allowing you to maximise exposure from your newly curated 3D experience.

Promotional Photography

During the 3D scanning, we are also able to capture High Definition 48MP images from any angle and location, creating a truly all in one turn-key solution and one-stop marketing package for your physical space.

Social Media Video

A bespoke video tailored for social media to drive customer engagement on your social media posts & promotions.

Check out the video here:


Scape360 entered this project into the Lincolnshire Tech & Innovation awards run by City X. We were so proud to be awarded finalist status in the category of “Innovation in Education”.

“We approached Scape 360 to produce a virtual 360 tour of Stamford College campus. The idea of this was so that prospective students and parents can explore the facilities from the comfort of their own home. They were very flexible. Scape360 made a great deal of effort to help make each area look great; they really cared that they were producing the highest quality product. Scape 360 then trained a member of the marketing team to add metatags (photos/video/text) around the different areas, a feature which is very important to drive College applications. Scape 360 are also responsive and very helpful to any additional queries.”